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We have recently been speaking to our clients, conducting some research into what some of the big companies are looking at with regards to events in a post-covid world. Here are our key insights for 2022: Mental Health With enforced isolation, loved ones becoming unwell, a change of routine, reduced interactions, and increased pressure, it’s [...]
For marketers and event planners, the past two years have shown us that when it comes to creating the annual strategy and putting the budget plan in place, it’s not been the most straightforward process when it comes to confidently planning ahead. Uncertainty has made it hard to forecast, previous seasonal trends are now less [...]

In the second part of our hybrid events in action series, we take a look at showroom and exhibition-style events. In this feature we discover how adopting a hybrid strategy for these types of experiences can support organisations in their lead generation efforts and help build healthy sales pipelines. An Alternative to Exhibitions and Trade […]

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that the ability to be resilient and adapt to change is crucial to survival. And, while times are still unpredictable, there’s an undeniable and exciting undercurrent of optimism and positivity within the events industry, and an unstoppable momentum to move forward and welcome the next chapter [...]

When real-world events make their comeback, they won’t be as they once were. Moving forward and thinking ahead, we have created a series of blogs to highlight how the hybrid event format can be practically applied to event marketing strategies. In part one of the series, we focus on the ‘Hybrid Product Launch’ event… Product […]

You probably don’t need much guidance when it comes to what hybrid events are. In the months following the unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19, virtual and hybrid events have become a staple of the event professionals’ lexicon. But, for clarity’s sake, let’s just go over the premise to make sure we’re all on the same page: […]

Be Part of the Event Evolution Enhance your existing live event strategy with a digital dimension. Adding a virtual element to your in-person event not only expands your event’s reach but also enables the collection of attendee data and actionable insights from an additional source. Far from replacing face-to-face events, virtual events can complement physical […]