Highlight of In2Events Top 5 Events from 2016

Here at In2Events we thought it’s time to reflect and highlight our top 5 events we executed last year – wow what a year 2016 was for us!

1. Google DeepMind – AlphaGo Challenge award-winning event from March 2016 based in South Korea. 

The event was a world-first once in a lifetime challenge match between DeepMind’s revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Program AlphaGo and International Go grandmaster, Lee Sedol.

With matches to be played over a three-week period, DeepMind’s quest was to create the first program to beat a professional player at the complex game of Go, an ancient Chinese board game.

In2Events managed a fully comprehensive security plan due to the high-profile nature and duration of the event, plus created all marketing collateral, extending to thousands of printed components, sourced through local printers and all press and PR for the event in-house. We also worked with Google to manage all onsite activities, including registration, room-booking at the Four Seasons hotel and travel arrangements. Also, organising a gala dinner, including seating plans, menus and entertainment for 150 VIP guests, including high profile VIP stakeholders who required specialist management and care throughout the event. 

2. BETT Exhibition – Stands for Epson, Capita and Kyocera

In2Events have a long, successful history working at The BETT Show and 2016 was no different. With bespoke stands for both Epson and Capita and a modular build for Kyocera we had plenty to be busy with.

Capita had a stand-out 15m x 17m island space in a prime position so needed a stand to match.


The Kyocera modular stand was another stand we had built at a variety of events over the last few years, so needed a makeover. We were required to provide a new functional, modular stand system that was flexible for multiple configurations and had a fresh and modern feel to it.


Working with Epson for the third consecutive year we needed to provide a full turnkey solution to design, manage and deliver an innovative bespoke exhibition stand for a 16.5m x 7m space.


This year’s BETT Show is just around the corner and this year we have 5 stands to build for our clients! A great testimony to our work at the BETT Show over the years.

3. Kyocera Partner Conference – Majorca

This annual event we’ve organised for several years and always a favourite of In2Events. This year involved us taking several partners to Majorca for their annual Partner Conference. The event took place over 3 days in October 2016 and consisted of a formal conference as well as fun activities for delegates to enjoy.


4. Intralinks – Edinburgh

Intralinks tasked us with planning their EMEA Sales Kick-off for 2016. It was the first time Intralinks had outsourced this event to an external agency and were looking for help with all elements of the event from venue sourcing, online registration, print, branding, giveaways, transfers and onsite management. We had the opportunity to look across Europe for locations, however we selected the Waldorf Astoria Caledonian in Edinburgh as a perfect location for European offices and senior management to fly in from the US to network.

Download our round up of the event here

5. Talk Talk Business – Goodwood Estate

We provided a full-service event management solution to Talk Talk Business for their Direct and Partner Symposiums in January 2016. The event was based at The Goodwood Hotel and Estate and included a formal morning session, followed by an afternoon of adrenaline fuelled activities. The delegates enjoyed racing classic and supercars around the Goodwood race track and grapefruit bombing from Cessna airplanes.

Download our round up of the event