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Over the last couple of months, we have explored the different types of hybrid events, from product launches through to showrooms. As we culminate this series, we take a look at the vital elements planners need to consider when adopting the hybrid format for conferences. As we have revealed along the way, taking an event [...]

“Yes, it’s going to take time for the industry to recover fully, but there is activity happening and positive and forward-thinking discussions taking place that signify the resurgence of real-world experiences.” What was and What is Back in April, I said, “Wow, what a time to be in the events, travel and hospitality sector”. While […]

There’s plenty of speculation over when the return of physical events will happen and, as such, important discussions in regards to the measures that may need to be in place to facilitate them, are increasing throughout the industry. While there are no definitive answers right now, and we must await decisions from governments around the […]

It doesn’t matter whether your conference is a physical event, digital or a mixture of the two; the core benefits of a well-executed conference still remain. Here’s a refresher session on the power great conferences wield for organisations and brands across the globe. Standout Marketing Every day we’re constantly bombarded with marketing messages – it’s […]

The marketing tool that is proven to grow audience reach and increase event attendance… want to know more? Let’s talk event influencers. No doubt, with the ongoing domination of social media, you’ll be familiar with the notion of influencer marketing. Celebrities and well-known names promoting services and products via their social channels, allowing businesses to […]

“Although the past weeks have been tough, and I’m sure the coming weeks/ months will continue to be a test on us… I have an unexpected sense of excitement for what’s next…” Wow, what a time to be in the events, travel and hospitality sector. What’s happening and what’s facing us all, right now, is […]

Our events team were out and about again, with Project Manager, Cherry Dalton visiting Lisbon at the end of last year. Cherry gives us an insight to the top hidden treasures to what Lisbon has to offer for corporates looking for a location for an overseas conference or incentive destination which covers the SANA HOTELS: […]