Power Up Wellbeing

We have been thinking about wellbeing and wellness and how our bodies and minds could do with some restorative TLC right now. And what better time to put wellbeing first than in a fresh new year?

We’re here to put some inspiration in your direction, and highlight how wellness and wellbeing can be weaved into your event programmes or become the sole focus of your entire event.

Why not come take a look at some of the ideas that could help your company promote wellness amongst employees, clients, or partners.

Make Time for Self-Care

2020 was tough on the body: rigorous hand washing, regimented antibac applications and hair styling gone wild with the emergence of DIY home hair salons.

Give skin and hair the spotlight with live expert advice and treatments from skin and hair care professionals that can be replicated simply at home.

This is an opportunity to build a virtual session that will help people to relax and unwind, while also obtaining some valuable self-care tips. There’s also the option of delivering bespoke gift boxes to complement the virtual experience and encourage pampering interaction and participation – now tell us who wouldn’t love a set of luxurious skin and/or hair products showing up at their front door?

Of course, self-care doesn’t have to be limited to skin and hair and could take any form. It’s really about understanding your audience and including activities that they will consider as an out-of-the-ordinary treat, that puts them at the centre of the experience.

Exercise Happy

Working out from home has certainly seen a revival over the last year, with people of all ages and fitness capabilities making moves to get in shape using their homes as make-shift gyms.

Body-positivity and celebrating who we are is a big deal. Introduce an element into your programme that advocates the endorphin-inducing benefits of exercise and provide people with need-to-know workout hacks that will have them feeling energised.

Including exercise doesn’t mean that people are expected to get their sweat on. While live exercise could be part of the offering, it could also be an exercise-themed segment that, for example, brings in a fitness guru to talk about the body, their own personal health-related experiences and insights, and who can raise awareness on the important work/life advantages of leading an active lifestyle.

In a ‘P.E. with Joe Wicks’ style move, you could even think about getting whole families involved, so the ‘Exercise Happy’ message has a far-reaching impact. While people are at home and connecting virtually, finding ways to incorporate members of households in fun, interesting ways can help foster a sense of community and secure buy-in.

Buck the trend: As the new year springs into action and the predictable onslaught of health kicks and – dare we say destined to fail – fad fitness regimes commence, give your attendees useful and maintainable exercise inspo that will benefit them throughout the year.

Boost Positivity

Ditch the distractions of busy modern life, leave the challenges of 2020 behind and invite people into a virtual universe designed to uplift, motivate, and open minds.

We all want to harness the power of a positive frame of mind in our personal and professional lives, so why not book an inspirational speaker your guests would just love to hear from. There are so many inspiring stories out there and you can bring them into your virtual experience to boost positivity, channel gratitude, and nurture emotional intelligence.

Make time to let creativity flow: why not also bring out your guest’s creative energy and incorporate workshops that get them involved with making their own creations and masterpieces. From clay sculptures to homemade terrariums, let guests relax and run free with their imaginations.

Food and Drink: A Recipe for Wellness

A resolution that always tops the list is the pledge to ‘eat more healthily’, and this year you can help people achieve their healthy eating goals. While indulging every now and then is a must, it’s all about establishing a balance.

Adding a food and drink wellness workshop component to an experience is a tasty twist to a culinary experience and a way to introduce delicious ingredients and recipes that will refuel and re-energise your attendees through the next 12 months.

Send a foody hamper to guests before the experience begins and get them ready to cook-a-long with specially selected chefs, who know a thing or two about nutrition. With guidance, tips, and advice along the way, teams can learn while they whip up tasty meals and drinks in their own homes.

For January and Beyond

Wellness isn’t just for January. If you’re looking to extend a commitment to health and wellbeing beyond the new year, invite attendees to virtual events that will help hit the reset button and inspire a year of moving more, eating well, and approaching life and work with boosted positivity.

With so many unknowns at the moment, bringing teams together for experiences that aren’t entirely business-centric demonstrates how much you value your people and can have long-lasting, rewarding results that can help elevate productivity and increase loyalty.

Talk to the team and let’s have a chat about all the ways we can help you incorporate wellbeing and wellness into your 2021 event programmes.