For an event to be successful you need to create a marketing launch strategy. The right publicity will help you gain more following and attendance. Here are a few tips to help you succeed by creating a 5-step timeline:

1.    Pre-Event

After making event plans you must create noise for it. This will create awareness. You can make an eye-catching pre-event web page and share it online with everyone. You can use social media posts on any platforms, share links and talk about the event. Use blogs and targeted emails to talk about your event to its readers. The main reason for all these is to gain attention, create awareness and interaction.

2.    Event launch

During the event launch process, do make a point of introducing the partnerships that will be sponsoring the event. This is important because it plays a role in attracting people that love to be associated with them. Use social media platforms and handles to show their attendance. That way you can gain more popularity. Also, consider press releases and emails to explain more on the importance of attending the event.

3.    Day to day

Every day it’s good to come up with a new creative post for all social media platforms, this will keep the audience not only entertained but also more willing to attend the event. Use pictures from previous events to create more following. Use funny statements and pictures to explain the event and increase your audience interaction. Post videos from previous events and request your guest to make videos showing that they will attend. This will help you gain the required publicity.

4.    Final call

On the last day before the event, send out emails and more social media post to everyone. This is going to remind them that the event is finally here. It also serves as a way of ensuring full attendance. The emails may play a role in convincing some people to attend the event too.

5.    Day of the event

On the big day keep tweeting about the event. Post pictures and statements about the event to gain more engagement with the attendees. You can also advise the audience to tweet and post on Facebook about the event to gain more interaction. Use snapchat and Facebook LIVE to show what’s happening at the event. Live video streaming will also do the event more justice because the audience will get to see the event before arriving.